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Laser Innovations now offers complete repair and refurbishment
of the Vitesse model line-up of Ti:Sapphire oscillators.
Please Contact Us for more information.

The Vitesse family of compact and one-box modelocked
Ti:Sapphire oscillators features an integrated Verdi solid
state pump laser in a hands-off and sealed head design.
Applications include seeding ultrafast amplifiers and many
industrial applications, notably thin film metrology for the
semiconductor industry.

  • Compact, rugged packaging using PermAlign
    optics technology
  • Turnkey, hands-off automatic modelocking
  • Less than 100 fs pulse width
  • Reliable and proven design

Ultrafast Laser Systems
Mira-900 F

Coherent Tunable Laser Systems
699 Ring Dye laser system
899 Ring Dye and/or Ti:Sapphire

Coherent Solid State Laser Systems
AVIA - 266nm, 355nm, & 532nm
Verdi - 532nm
Sapphire Series - 488nm

Water Cooled Coherent Ion Laser Systems
Coherent Enterprise I & II Series, Argon and Krypton
Coherent Innova 70C Series, Argon, Krypton and Spectrum
Coherent Innova 90C Series, Argon and Krypton
Coherent Innova 300C Series, Argon, Krypton, and FreD
Coherent Sabre Series, Argon, Krypton, and FreD

Coherent Heat Exchangers
LaserPure 20
LaserPure 40
LaserPure 60
Innova ICE (Integrated Cooling Exchanger)

Spectra-Physics/Laser Science Inc. Nitrogen Lasers
Duo Dye

Coherent 899 Ring Dye Laser     Laser Innovations

Coherent 899 Ring Dye Laser


Coherent 699/899 Dye Laser System

Coherent 699/899
Dye Laser System

VSL337 Nitrogen Lasers     Laser Innovations

Nitrogen Lasers VSL337 Series

"No man knows what price he pays for substandard parts, or slipshod service, until fate adds the cost of tragedy to his bill."
                                                                                                             - George Carroll (in Memory of), Ventura, CA



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